Hi Kat.

So let me start by saying, wow!!! I didn’t know you hated me that much.

I am so sorry that I would do anything to make you hate me. I don’t get it. You know exactly what happened to us. Once I got sick we went downhill but whatever, it’s all done now. I guess you didn’t sign up to take care of a sick old man, LOL!! I get it..

Why didn’t you tell me you were leaving?? It didn’t have to go this way. I would never stand in your way, I still love you and only want the best for you. You’re still my best friend.

Again, I’m so sorry if I hurt you.

I’ll leave the phone on till Wed the 15th, let me know when you want me to send all your clothes and beautiful crafting stuff you made like the Lucy house!!! and maybe say hi

Please let me know you received this.

I hope we can be friends, (you know we were awesome friends) but if not I wish you the best.

Get in touch when you can.

Love always